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Best Business IT Support Colorado Springs | The Importance of Clarity

We are going to be talking about the best business IT support Colorado Springs that really should not be an issue for anybody – business or personal.  But, alas, it is a problem.  And when you have this problem, you cannot wait for it to go away.  Voice quality is what we’re going to be talking about.  Bill filled bunch of blue quality play voice over IP depends on your Internet connection not necessarily your download speed or even you’re up load speed.  The best business IT support Colorado Springs contributor to voice quality of voiceover IP has to do with the latency of your Internet connection and it needs to be very very low.  Some people don’t know anything about voice quality – or rather they say they don’t know.  Let me give you an example.  You may not understand the perfect pitch in voice quality, but I guarantee that you can tell when you have POOR voice quality on your real time communication connection.

Voice quality depends on your Internet connection.  Voice over IP (VoIP) is in it to be an extremely frustrating situation when you do not have the best business IT support Colorado Springs and when you have poor voice quality because the conversation stalls. What happens is people start talking over each other and the human nature of that is to just stop talking. So when you start a sentence and somebody else feels that delay and also start you both start talking at the same time because of the delay. This then causes both parties to stop talking.  Let me repeat that. This causes BOTH people to stop talking. And then the whole situation happens all over again both parties start talking right over the top. This is why it is so important to have a high quality voice over IP (VoIP) connection. It will enable you to have real conversations in real-time that don’t cause the conversation to start and stop.

Have you had a conversation with somebody and it sounds like they are out literally physically out in the wind?  Have you ever wondered if the person you are calling is standing in a wind tunnel?  Or maybe a tornado?  A phone call that is literally with somebody standing in the wind or the amount of static background noise the kitten on the line is almost up there. You can’t hear a word they’re saying and they can’t hear a word you’re saying and it’s just massively frustrating for everybody without the best business IT support Colorado Springs. It literally sounds like they’re in the wind and all you can hear is the ocean of the wind by your microphone. This problem is magnified when you are wearing a headset or headphones or earbuds because now this terrible voice quality is in stereo – it’s twice as bad!

One of the most entertaining poor connections or poor voice quality and you can have is the echo. It starts when you say something and within about a half a second (like 500 ms) what you get is what you just said. You hear what you just said, but it’s delayed enough that it completely messes with you. The same thing you just said except there’s an echo.  So let’s say you say hello and then have a second later somebody starts in with a little. It cracks me up because this reminds me of the row, row, row your boat song where the singers are delayed from one another. It’s entertaining because I completely lose my focus.  In fact, there have been studies on this topic – check out Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF).  There was one study with a guy that had headphones on and would hear himself speak, but on a 500 ms delay.  The feedback delay in this case was so bad that the guy could not form complete sentences.  His brain was trying to correct the feedback that it was receiving and could not form or even finish sentences.  However, when the experiment was executed with no delay introduced, the subjects had no problem speaking.  This is because the brain was processing the feedback that was indicating that everything was right and no correction was needed.  So, in conclusion, poor voice quality will mess with your melon – don’t do it.  It’s not work.  Instead, reach out to TSI of Colorado and get a great VoIP phone system installed on your existing network and have the best business IT support Colorado Springs. And, if that network quality is not high enough, we’ll help you get a quality ISP in your business.

Another problem with communication is Bluetooth technology because it inserts a delay. There’s no way around it. The Bluetooth connection is not perfect and creates a bit of a delay. So as you start compounding these things like your latency on your Internet speed then the introduced latency from your Bluetooth Bluetooth headset then the other person interpreting or hearing what you said and processing it and repeating it there’s no doubt the communication is challenging. You need to make sure that your voice quality on your voiceover IP system or void the telephone system doesn’t add to these already complicated and challenging situations.  Low cost Bluetooth devices seem to exacerbate this issue.  This is not a hard and fast rule, because we’ve seen expensive Bluetooth devices distort and delay conversations.  But generally, if you are going to be using a Bluetooth device in conjunction with your VoIP telephone system installed by TSI of Colorado, we are going to suggest that you purchase a quality Bluetooth headset with high ratings that does not introduce an audio delay.  This is just another way the best business IT support Colorado Springs will assist you with your technology.  

Here at TSI of Colorado we can solve these clarity issues by making sure that your VoIP voice over IP Internet connection is within specs and within reason for the technology we are using. We want to make sure that we’re not increasing or compounding these delays and causing additional complications or frustrations for you or your employees. We understand that with layers of complexity problems can get introduced. TSI of Colorado is here to make sure that your layers of complication are well understood by us because we are the experts in best business IT support Colorado Springs. We will deliver on our promise to you which is great voice clarity for your business needs.  We can help you solve your voice quality issues and all your other technology needs.

Jason Huddleston

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