“I work for a nonprofit that utilizes TSI’s services. This company is great to work with. The staff are very friendly and responsive. When we submit a ticket for service support, they engage with us promptly to meet the need. I would have no hesitation to recommend TSI to anyone.”

Candace Joice
- Candace Joice, Lantern Audio

“TSI Colorado has been providing our company with IT support services for about a year now, and they are FANTASTIC. Their customer service is excellent, their response and turnaround time is impressively fast, they know everything about everything, and honestly they are just fun, kind, pleasant people to work with. They've proven themselves to be trustworthy and reliable, and I feel like we are getting very good value for our money. I recommend them 100%.”

Sarah Klein
-Sarah Klein, Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado & Wyoming

“The team at TSI continues providing critical technology supports to our team at Tri-Lakes Cares as we embark on leveraging IT and office applications to a greater degree. Everyone at TSI is highly responsive and always ready with thoughtful advice that goes beyond fixing and closing a ticket. Jason and his team are experts at what they do and always respond to our requests and questions with great integrity, patience, and professionalism in each interaction. We highly recommend TSI and their services for any organization's information technology needs. We are grateful for TSI to have our back in keeping our IT environment operating and growing.”

Dieter Famula
- Dieter Famula, Tri-Lakes Cares

“I had never even owned a computer before this year. The pandemic sure did change a lot of things. My regular go-to computer at the library was suddenly out of reach, and I had no way to contact the lovely librarian, Barb, who assisted me with typing while I dictated to her. Oh, I miss you Barb. Now with needing a home computer, I sought out assistance elsewhere. Boy, was I overjoyed with finding TSI! While I will miss Barb and hold her in my heart dearly, Dylan from TSI has helped me gain self-confidence in my computer usage, and I will never go back to dictating to the librarian again. TSI has changed my way of viewing technology. I owe Dylan my life.”

Amethyst Montoyam
- Amethyst Montoyam Paolo's Italian Kitchen LLC