TSI is offering our secure remote access service at a substantial discount to help out local business owners!

  Access your work computer from your home computer
  Secure remote access to desktops or servers
 Need access to your entire environment?  We can do that too!
  Secure and robust phone service allowing your team to take your business phones home

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Uncertain about the Stay At Home Order?

  Need to get your staff fully functional remotely?
  Unable to properly serve your customers?
  Need technical assistance working from home?


Need Remote Access to Keep Your Business Running?

TSI is offering our service at a substantial discount to local business owners who are struggling trying to figure out how to get their workforce working remotely. For only $9.95 per user per month, TSI can enable your business to function with a remote and fully mobile staff.

  Secure and safe work from home technology!
  Take business phones home or remote apps!
  Have home computers and an internet connection?


secure remote access colorado springs
secure remote access colorado springs
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A refreshing and pleasant experience to work with TSI. Professionalism and communication are above the rest. I highly recommend!
Rating: 5 stars
Mark L.
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I’ve been working with TSI for the last couple of months. TSI employs knowledgeable people and their services are spot on! TSI is trustworthy and easy to work with, and I would recommend them to anyone in need of their services.
Rating: 5 stars
Michael S.


Secure Remote Access Colorado Springs

Are you concerned about how long Colorado will be required to Stay At Home?  We are!  We want to empower businesses to continue working and serving their customers.  We can help take some of the uncertainty out of our current situation and get your employees fully functional from home with secure remote access.

Each employee needs to have a desktop, laptop or a tablet capable of accessing the internet. We recommend a minimum of 10Mbps, but most residents have much better internet speed than this. Our service works perfect on wireless internet at most homes.

If you use G Suite or Office 365 as your provider, in most cases employees can access these business-critical functions at home already. In most cases, TSI is able to program a VoiceMail to Email solution so you do not miss important messages from clients and your business can continue functioning.

With our incredible offer of $9.95 per user per month, your remote workforce will be able to securely access the office files, folders, desktops, laptops and servers without risking any security. This is true even if the home environment is not secure.

TSI has a step-by-step guide that allows the non-techie employee to set up their home computer to connect to your business environment. This is all done through the employee’s existing internet connection and will not cost you, the business owner, any additional money.

If some of your employees are already accessing your work environment through a VPN, we feel it is our responsibility to warn you that that can be a security issue. If the home computer is out of date or has malware or spyware on it before it connects to your VPN, you could be risking your entire business IT environment. Ideally in these situations, it is best to send the employee home with a company-issued device that would allow them to securely connect via VPN – of course, that’s assuming that all your company IT assets are up to date and secure without infections.

We guarantee that we can provide a 100% virus-free IT solution for your company…yes even COVID-19 free!