Our Vision

At TSI of Colorado, we deliver technology solutions for your business through a few key core values we hold near and dear to our hearts: Integrity, Honesty and Trust.

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Business improvement

Computer working for you

Your business and your success is our top priority and the reason we are here to serve you.  Your company and employees deserve to be treated with integrity and honesty by a trusted partner who can simplify the complicated world of Information Technology (IT).

Our Directive

Integrity as our directive - This is our hallmark.  We are hard working people that bring drive and motivation to our company where high moral and ethical principles guide our daily operations.  Our promise is to never compromise when we are facing adversity in life or at work.

Honesty as our directive - We are honest people working together in an honest company to transparently and honorably serve our clients.  Honesty is demonstrated in our daily work but, unfortunately, does not always equate to perfection. Our promise is to honestly own our actions and results even in those humbling times when it is inconvenient and difficult to do so.

Trust as our directive - We will be people and, collectively, a company that is trusted in our industry and community.  We will prioritize trust over profit. Trust is an essential human value and a choice. Trust is earned and difficult to keep.  Our promise is to work diligently to earn your trust and continue to deliver results to keep your trust.

A Little History of Us

At TSI, we are committed to providing best in class business technology solutions for your business.  With the highest degree of honesty and integrity we deliver business IT solutions, business security, IT consultation, quality telecommunications and data lifecycle management solutions while ensuring each of our customers receives the level of service required to optimize their solutions and grow their business.  We are headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where we have proudly served businesses along the front range since 2002. Our family owned and operated business lives in the thriving communities that we serve.

Our success is led by our talented team of knowledgeable and helpful staff.  With over 40 years of combined experience in the technology industry, we use our vast experience and a multitude of resources to provide the best possible solutions for our clients.  Our staff is knowledgeable and current with industry trends and standards in technology, telecommunications and data management. We deliver new, innovative and custom tactical and strategic solutions for your business environments with a knack for simplification.  We guarantee to implement the right technology solutions for your business thereby enabling and freeing you to focus on your business growth. Your customers and employees can trust that their digital identity within your business is protected against the next threat, data breach, computer virus, ransomware or natural disaster.

We Are On Your Side

It is our mission to establish a productive partnership with all of our customers because we believe that collaboration is an effective strategy that produces the best results.  We work hard to deliver technological trust to your organization when it comes to data backup and disaster recovery, mobile device management, security management and service, computer hardware and software service and more!  We work with our clients to ensure their technological needs are met and their questions are answered. We strive to provide you the solutions you need to communicate more effectively and efficiently both internally and externally. With the help of our consulting services, you can be sure you will have the best tools and resources at your disposal to facilitate all of your business technology (IT) and communications needs.

TSI is uniquely positioned in the business IT industry providing unparalleled service to our clients.  With our deep knowledge base in technology, telecommunication, security, networks, servers, computers, tablets and phones and our unparalleled commitment to client success is what sets us apart.  Our industry connections not only allow us to competitively shop Internet Service Providers (ISPs), security solutions and software solutions, but also enable us to stay current with industry trends and new product offerings.  When it comes to the connectivity details, there is no cabling or structured cabling job too small or too large. TSI is able to perform all cabling requirements internally, increasing efficiency for your business.

Our Promise To You

At TSI, we don’t work for the technology provider, we work for you.  Our goal is to serve your best interests and earn your trust which ultimately preserves your long-term viability and strengthens our business relationship.  We are in business to make your business succeed! We promise to respect your time by showing up on time, treat you and your employees with honesty and professional respect, clearly and concisely communicate our actions and strategies to align our expectations and always keep your unique business and objectives in mind to deliver trust.

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